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"Quand tu arrives en haut de la montagne, continues de grimper."  


The organization of the tours in the Himalayas originates in our friendship which occurred in the valley of Gange. Udai (Singh) is an ayurvedic doctor and I am a belgian osteopath. We have the passion of the Indian Himalayas.


We do not seek to climb tops. We love to live at the rhythms of the local populations and the still pure nature not aggressed yet by the western way of live. We organize nature, culture and health holidays to share our common passion. It is also a way to bring jobs in the area. Thus the families of our sherpas, cooks and drivers now have a better quality of life. We also help a sadhu who lodges children in the difficulties and an association whose action is the conservation of the flora and fauna in the mountains.
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You will find in this site much images of the last trips as well as the presentation of the next tour.

Good recreation.
                                                                                                Udai Singh           Ph.Hansroul

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